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Hello and welcome to the Phoenix news page.

Below are some of the older pieces of news. For the latest news please visit our Facebook page and Twitter feed. Links to these are on the front page of this web site.

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End of Season Awards 2015/2016

posted 20 Jul 2016, 06:47 by Mark Wassell   [ updated 20 Jul 2016, 06:58 ]

The Phoenix Season Awards for 2015/2016 were presented at the End of Season Dinner at Novi on Friday 15th July. It was a great night and thanks for Rhi and Fi for organising. Here is a round up of the winners.

P4 Player - Dawn Jepson
P3 Player - Laura Moody
P2 Player - Corinne Bowes
P1 Player - Simon Hall
SERL Player - Ellen Pearce
Most Improved Female - Fiona Hill
Most Improved Male - John Mclellan
Best Newcomer - Pete Tasker
Club Person - Ellen Pearce
Chair's choice - Kathryn Bullough

Congratulations to the winners!

A picture from early on in the evening:

Season Kicks Off

posted 27 Oct 2013, 06:56 by Mark Wassell   [ updated 27 Oct 2013, 06:57 ]

A solid start to the season with three wins out of six matches played.

The season kicked off with the Phoenix 2 vs Phoenix 3 derby [12-1] in a game that gave Phoenix 3 plenty of positives to build on for their next game and will certainly help Phoenix 2's goal tally.

Next saw Phoenix 3 secure a tense win over City 3 [9-8] and Phoenix SERL narrowly lose to KV2 [12-14], both excellent results. The same weekend had the embryo that will become Phoenix Yoofs win the CKA Junior Tournament.

Phoenix 4 drew with University 2 [3-3] on Thursday followed on Friday with Phoenix 2 taking on Lions 2 [6-5] in a close fought match where Phoenix trailed at half time and Coz being glad to hand the ship back to Chris (http://yachtphoenix2.com).

For details see the results on the CKA web site http://www.cambskorfball.co.uk

Wine tasting (or Phoenix get sozzled)

posted 31 May 2012, 10:34 by Carla Keen

On 27 April a myth of Phoenixers made a pretence at sophistication and gathered for an evening of wine tasting at Cambridge Wine Merchants on Mill Road.

As most of us couldn't tell our Cabernet from our Chianti we were taking it right back to basics. Although some of the group was rather experienced wine drinkers, they just weren't really too sure what they were tasting. We started the evening with a bottle of fizz and our journey into the grapey abyss began.

First step was to look at the wine in the glass, a novel concept for some, and to assess the wine's legs. We learnt how to appreciate a wine's bouquet (stick your nose in and huff) and how to comment accordingly (say whatever comes in to your head). Next we were taking slurps of the vino and again saying whatever came into our head. Whilst at first we were quite poetic and colourful in our descriptions as the evening wore on we became a bit less critical.

I think we all found it a very education and entertaining evening and some of us may even remember some of what we learnt...


Hallobeer 29th October 2011

posted 13 Nov 2011, 11:18 by natalie.cook@cancer.org.uk   [ updated 13 Nov 2011, 11:31 ]

Our first annual Hallobeer event took place just prior to Halloween, bad taste fancy dress and a beer festival....what more could you want from a Saturday night! The night kicked off with impressive style as Andy C arrived with others to sample the delights of the hallobeer cider of choice - Arbury assassins.
With the BBQ fizzling to a poor attempt at fire, Trick kicked the evening off by an incredible display of fire poi action (watch out for the trees...!!) and wowed us all into submission. More beer, wine, spirits and freaky punch then made their way down throats before the obligatory fun began. Kicking off with some pumpkin carving action and next up the donut bobbing washing line. Kris showed us how it was done with his slip down the string maneuvres.
For the gluten free option some apple bobbing was on offer and a hard fight between Carla and Joep led to victory for Carla (I think) and a soppy Joep, a soaking Nicki and triumphant Kat and almost to the bedroom for Andy and Lucy (that is until Andy won!!) The crowds certainly enjoyed the spectacle, but the gorillas declined the invite. Ah well.
Then the tasting began in earnest. Whilst Carla's zombie brain cakes didnt win (probably as they were too realistic for most people to even consider trying)they are certainly worthy of a mention. A fine selection of vodka, gin, wine and spirits was on display and a cheeky entry of deadly punch. Results for the cakes were close but pipping all to the post was Ellens carrot cake with a close second for Joep's apple pie. A fabulous bat halloween decoration formed the prize. The beer had an outright winner in Arbury assasin cider with 5 votes. Second prize went to nicki's punch (which came as a shock as she hadnt entered it) but many agree that Hannah's sloe gin was an absolute delight (she was robbed) and the empty bottle proved it's popularity.
The winner of the fancy dress skeleton trophy was Mark with his less than tasteful ("but I learnt blanket stitch") costume (complete with blue string). Other costumes noted for their extreme bad taste were Gary's Gadafi, Simon's preacher, Coz's chav world get up but somehow just looking pretty hot, Hannah's shell suit, Nat's pink combo, Andy's bling, the gorillas, Dr Death, Antony's city shirt, chairman Ade in his boxers, ali's death row and Carla's squished road kill cat.
As the party rolled on to somewhere near 3am, drinking games, cocktails and even Articulate all made an appearance. Thanks for our fab three social secretaries for organising. The photographic evidence can been seen on Nat's pics on facebook! 

Rounders: City vs. Phoenix

posted 25 Sep 2011, 10:35 by natalie.cook@cancer.org.uk

The game got off to a good start with our resident rounders expert (Lucy) ensuring that the rules were laid out fair and square and everyone knew what they were doing. The pitch was marked, the professional looking posts set up (thanks Lucy!!) and Phoenix were off to field. A dream combination of Coz as backstop and Kris on first base meant that City had a number of early casualties to the fast fire first base throw to stump out and the lethal Coz'a catch. Unfortunately as we had more players the players were back in almost immediately to 'keep it fair!' A long spell of City bashes led to a plethora of rounders from Elly, Antony, Greg, Stuart, Simon and Gavin. Despite our best attempts to field (think comedy of errors) the rounders kept raining in. Another late burst of superb passes from Lucy (bowler)and Coz (still backstop) to Kris at 1st base and Phil at fourth knocked a number of players out the running and some sterling catches were made to finally dismiss City with a first innings of around 12 rounders. Whoops!
Not a problem though, decided the Phoenix players, as the gorillas wildly joined the team. City set out to field in what looked like a preorganised manner and promptly showed us what we were supposed to have been doing by knocking out Phoenix players left, right and centre.Sadly we also soon discovered why gorillas are endangered, as City showed no mercy merrily catching and stumping them out before they got to show off their true gorilla glory. Gavin in particular needed a hefty thwack for the immense number of stupidly long catches that he commandered. Phoenix left the first innings with a hearty 2 rounders but were undetterred and a few beers, pimms and wines later were all ready to begin the second round of fielding.
This went somewhat better, a few changes of positions led to some awesome catches notably by Si Hall, Rhi and Trick and City weren't making as many runs. The antics of the gorillas may well have been another contributing factor but we held them to 8. Some fab post work from Hannah and Ali also held them to account. Joep and Abi as newcomers to rounders also did us proud.
Phoenix were back in bat. After a slow start with a number of casualties - the Trick, Phil and Si wonder balls began flying to bring our score up to a whopping 12 for our second innings. Whoop go Phoenix!
Having blatantly won the second innings we were happy to call the game a draw, however City insisted on sticking to the real rules meaning they won and lifted the dodgy little teapot man in celebration. Timing the match to perfection we decamped to the pub as the first raindrops began to fall.
Thanks to everyone who played and made this summer social such good fun (especially after 3 hours of intense and awesome trials) - and to paraphrase the words of the claw - we'll get you next time, city!

Manchester Korfball Tournament Sep 2011

posted 25 Sep 2011, 10:31 by natalie.cook@cancer.org.uk

Last weekend Phoenix headed to the delightful north to take part in the Manchester Korfball tournament. The weekend started in scintillating fashion with us taking some considerable time studying the views from the A14 as we crawled our way out of Cambridgeshire. Eventually we convened at the hotel and relaxed in the bar with a fruit juice and/or soft drink before grabbing an early night (as per The Rules).
The following morning we bimbled down to the tournament and, despite wanting a nap, dragged ourselves on to the court. The korfing superstars that were representing Phoenix were Abby, Andy B, Carla, Gary, Hannah, Joep, Phil, Simon H, Trick, and our special guest star on loan: Elly. The tournament started inauspiciously with 2 defeats without us scoring a single goal but we soon found our rhythm/woke up and the goals started to flow, though we had to wait a little while longer for our first victory.
Once the korfing was out of the way we settled down to the serious business of the night out. A shower and a change of clothes later we were back in the hotel bar indulging in some drinking games before heading to a nearby pub for dinner. Despite an almost riot started by Hannah stealing Andy's lasagna a good time was had by all. The entertainment was provided by Phil and his magical magnetic cutlery. We boarded a tram and headed to the town centre to continue the festivities.
The tournament social had landed in a bar that served cocktails for £3 and we thought it would be a shame not to indulge. After a short period of time we realised that we were the only korfers left out so once again we cemented our reputation as the most social club in the land. Elly, obviously comfortable around the Phoenix crowd, started taking a more hands on approach to the evening and some interesting revelations from all quarters soon followed.
The following morning saw us in a slightly less dynamic state as we checked out and wandered to the pub for a breakfast of roast dinner. All that was now left was the long drive back to Cambridge and some recovery time on the sofa. Thanks to Hannah for some fantastic organising. I think I speak for all when I say we had an awesome time. Thanks to Andy, Gary and Hannah for driving, it was greatly appreciated.

Things we learnt this weekend:
Andy B will shove a pineapple down your throat if you don't stop yawning
Abby looks 'smoking hot' in a fedora
Elly should join Phoenix
Joep can get very sweaty
Simon's (other) dad looks like the BFG
Phil has a magnetic personality
Gary keeps Andy awake at night
Trick can do anything in 15 minutes
Carla has some revealing pictures of Joep on her phone
Hannah is a goal scoring machine
Unfortunately I think that was the final summer tournament for Phoenix this year, roll on summer 2012.

2010/2011 End of Season Do and Awards ceremony

posted 28 May 2011, 07:21 by natalie.cook@cancer.org.uk

The Phoenix Season Awards for 2010/2011 were given out at the End of Season Dinner at The Punter Barn on the 27th May. It was a great night and thanks for Ali and Ellen for organising. Here is a round up of the winners.
SERL Player of the Year              Etienne            Best Female Newcomer       Carole
Phoenix 1 Player of the Year        Lucy                Best Male Newcomer           Trick
Phoenix 2 Player of the Year        Simon H           Most Improved Female         Natalie
Phoenix 3 Player of the Year        Hannah            Most Improved Male             Andy B
Phoenix 4 Player of the Year        Phil                  Chairmans Choice Award     Coz
Phoenix 2010/2011 Club Person, which is voted for by the club members, was awarded to Adrian for all his work for the club throughout the year.
Well done everyone and roll on next season!!

2010/2011 Cambridgeshire league play-offs

posted 28 May 2011, 07:14 by natalie.cook@cancer.org.uk

This year our third team, lovingly known as P3, found themselves in the promotion play off for a spot in the 2nd division. The match was played at Littleport against City 4. Our team lined up as follows;
Trick, Hannah, Sarah C, Joep
Andy B, Abby, Carla, Andy C
Nicki and Phil were subs
Nat and Kris were stand in coaches for the absent Coz and Simon who were living it up in Rome!
After a nail biting 50 minutes we eventually came out the WINNERS (2-1) and were promoted to division 2. Thanks to all the supporters, especially Carole with her poorly ankle who was gutted not to be playing! A great beer and curry was enjoyed by all in Littleport afterwards. Already looking forward to the P2 vs. P3 matches next season!!

Royal Wedding themed BBQ and games night

posted 8 May 2011, 11:58 by natalie.cook@cancer.org.uk

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past month, you will know that on Friday 29 April there was a monumental occasion of great historical significance. Otherwise known as the inaugural (I think...) phoenix games night and BBQ at chez Cozza!!! Despite initial pre-event nerves and anticipation, (will there or won’t there be rain? who will be designing Coz’s dress? Will I be able to find a copy of articulate?) fifteen or so of the phoenix congregation descended on Coz’s house for an afternoon of beer, bunting, BBQ and bewilderment. Slap on the wrist to me for not providing 2 out of the 3 promised items of games, cocktails and prizes. At least I remembered the games. Well, some of them.

In the afternoon the guests dined on burgers and sipped on pimms, choosing to arrive by bicycle rather than horse drawn carriage. After copious amounts of food and drink had been consumed it was time to bring on the main event. And so onto the games...
We kicked of with a few rounds of twister for a nice warm up. Whilst I remember there being very enthusiastic participation from a number of parties (particularly the boys) I can’t remember who won. Then we played Pictionary, and the girls soundly beat the boys, despite complaints that it was much more difficult to draw a mosaic than a stick man. Memorable moments include Carla’s depiction of a German bomb plane which would have been more at home in the “late night” Pictionary version and Lucy’s drawing of a lorry that Rolf Harris would have been proud of.
Then it was time for a game of mafia, with the villagers of “phoenix land” reigning triumphant and lynching the murderous mafia of Lucy, Simon A and Trick. Congratulations to Trick and Simon A for continuing their trail of murderous destruction for so long undetected after Lucy was identified in the first round. Next up was Antony’s game with no name which was a fun filled concoction of who am I, charades and articulate. I can’t remember much of this game other than I laughed a lot, and that there were some uncanny impersonations of phoenix personnel. And that the man from Del Monte doesn’t make yoghurts.

As the darkness drew in the games continued, with one of Patrick’s games which Lucy won, then onto another few rounds of mafia, then some taboo and articulate. I think by this point I was barely able to articulate my own name let alone what was on the card in front of me so apologies that my recollection of this part of the evening is somewhat hazy.

In summary....We learned that lighting barbeques is surprisingly difficult, we learned that Lucy can draw a good lorry, we learned that it is possible to describe most of our teammates with only one word, and we learned to look out for Trick on dark murderous Monday nights....

Thanks to everyone who came, particularly to those who brought games and food and especially to Coz for being such a fantastic host!

Han xxx

City Quiz Night

posted 2 Apr 2011, 05:06 by natalie.cook@cancer.org.uk

When: 1st April 2011
Where: Cass Centre, Cambridge
Outcome: WE WON!!!
Well done to everyone that entered the quiz yesterday, including our 4 Uni comrades. We had 3 "balanced" teams in the end; Unification, Uhhhhhhhhh! and Phoe-Bee's. The battle was hard, there were 17 teams in total, and the good news is WE WON!.............well, Unification did, by one point ahead of the Tigers team (Yayyyy!). Well done to Jayne, Andy B, Phil, Simon A and Sophie and Krystina from Uni.  Our other two teams came a respectable 7th and 8th so pretty good night had. We truly are the cleverest team in Cambridge (with a little help from our friends!). If anyone ever needs help witn an anagram, Simon H is the man!
Prizes for winning were a lovely trophy, gold medals, then more importantly a crate of beer and bottles of wine, so well worth it. I won a Tom Jones CD in the raffle so i'm happy too!!
Hopefully next trophy will be P3 winning the Division 3 trophy! Watch this space!

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