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Diarne's leaving and Tricks Birthday Celebrations

posted 19 Mar 2011, 11:24 by natalie.cook@cancer.org.uk   [ updated 23 Mar 2011, 03:00 ]
Date: 18th March 2011
Venue: Maypole Pub, Cambridge
Dress code: You had to wear a hat!
Well done to all who made it to the end of the night on Friday (which i'm led to believe was actually around 0330 Sat morning!). I dread to think what a state you were all in! I am amazed that Diarne and Trick were even still standing at 11pm after drinking B52s, springboks, brain haemorrhages and multiple other awful shots! Great show on hats, particularly Hannah with her pirate effort from Oxfam, and Phil's ear muffs!! Well done Mark for bring the stick on moustaches, hours of entertainment, Gary's looked surprisingly real (just look on facebook)!
Diarne will be missed when she leaves for Switzerland, but has promised a surprise return for a summer tournament. Trick is now one year older and wiser!
Roll on the next social!!