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Hallobeer 29th October 2011

posted 13 Nov 2011, 11:18 by natalie.cook@cancer.org.uk   [ updated 13 Nov 2011, 11:31 ]
Our first annual Hallobeer event took place just prior to Halloween, bad taste fancy dress and a beer festival....what more could you want from a Saturday night! The night kicked off with impressive style as Andy C arrived with others to sample the delights of the hallobeer cider of choice - Arbury assassins.
With the BBQ fizzling to a poor attempt at fire, Trick kicked the evening off by an incredible display of fire poi action (watch out for the trees...!!) and wowed us all into submission. More beer, wine, spirits and freaky punch then made their way down throats before the obligatory fun began. Kicking off with some pumpkin carving action and next up the donut bobbing washing line. Kris showed us how it was done with his slip down the string maneuvres.
For the gluten free option some apple bobbing was on offer and a hard fight between Carla and Joep led to victory for Carla (I think) and a soppy Joep, a soaking Nicki and triumphant Kat and almost to the bedroom for Andy and Lucy (that is until Andy won!!) The crowds certainly enjoyed the spectacle, but the gorillas declined the invite. Ah well.
Then the tasting began in earnest. Whilst Carla's zombie brain cakes didnt win (probably as they were too realistic for most people to even consider trying)they are certainly worthy of a mention. A fine selection of vodka, gin, wine and spirits was on display and a cheeky entry of deadly punch. Results for the cakes were close but pipping all to the post was Ellens carrot cake with a close second for Joep's apple pie. A fabulous bat halloween decoration formed the prize. The beer had an outright winner in Arbury assasin cider with 5 votes. Second prize went to nicki's punch (which came as a shock as she hadnt entered it) but many agree that Hannah's sloe gin was an absolute delight (she was robbed) and the empty bottle proved it's popularity.
The winner of the fancy dress skeleton trophy was Mark with his less than tasteful ("but I learnt blanket stitch") costume (complete with blue string). Other costumes noted for their extreme bad taste were Gary's Gadafi, Simon's preacher, Coz's chav world get up but somehow just looking pretty hot, Hannah's shell suit, Nat's pink combo, Andy's bling, the gorillas, Dr Death, Antony's city shirt, chairman Ade in his boxers, ali's death row and Carla's squished road kill cat.
As the party rolled on to somewhere near 3am, drinking games, cocktails and even Articulate all made an appearance. Thanks for our fab three social secretaries for organising. The photographic evidence can been seen on Nat's pics on facebook!