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Manchester Korfball Tournament Sep 2011

posted 25 Sep 2011, 10:31 by natalie.cook@cancer.org.uk
Last weekend Phoenix headed to the delightful north to take part in the Manchester Korfball tournament. The weekend started in scintillating fashion with us taking some considerable time studying the views from the A14 as we crawled our way out of Cambridgeshire. Eventually we convened at the hotel and relaxed in the bar with a fruit juice and/or soft drink before grabbing an early night (as per The Rules).
The following morning we bimbled down to the tournament and, despite wanting a nap, dragged ourselves on to the court. The korfing superstars that were representing Phoenix were Abby, Andy B, Carla, Gary, Hannah, Joep, Phil, Simon H, Trick, and our special guest star on loan: Elly. The tournament started inauspiciously with 2 defeats without us scoring a single goal but we soon found our rhythm/woke up and the goals started to flow, though we had to wait a little while longer for our first victory.
Once the korfing was out of the way we settled down to the serious business of the night out. A shower and a change of clothes later we were back in the hotel bar indulging in some drinking games before heading to a nearby pub for dinner. Despite an almost riot started by Hannah stealing Andy's lasagna a good time was had by all. The entertainment was provided by Phil and his magical magnetic cutlery. We boarded a tram and headed to the town centre to continue the festivities.
The tournament social had landed in a bar that served cocktails for £3 and we thought it would be a shame not to indulge. After a short period of time we realised that we were the only korfers left out so once again we cemented our reputation as the most social club in the land. Elly, obviously comfortable around the Phoenix crowd, started taking a more hands on approach to the evening and some interesting revelations from all quarters soon followed.
The following morning saw us in a slightly less dynamic state as we checked out and wandered to the pub for a breakfast of roast dinner. All that was now left was the long drive back to Cambridge and some recovery time on the sofa. Thanks to Hannah for some fantastic organising. I think I speak for all when I say we had an awesome time. Thanks to Andy, Gary and Hannah for driving, it was greatly appreciated.

Things we learnt this weekend:
Andy B will shove a pineapple down your throat if you don't stop yawning
Abby looks 'smoking hot' in a fedora
Elly should join Phoenix
Joep can get very sweaty
Simon's (other) dad looks like the BFG
Phil has a magnetic personality
Gary keeps Andy awake at night
Trick can do anything in 15 minutes
Carla has some revealing pictures of Joep on her phone
Hannah is a goal scoring machine
Unfortunately I think that was the final summer tournament for Phoenix this year, roll on summer 2012.