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Pub Golf - 9th October 2010

posted 16 Oct 2010, 00:32 by natalie.cook@cancer.org.uk   [ updated 16 Oct 2010, 00:53 ]

To kick off the social side of the new season and welcome an influx of new club members a group of Phoenix drinkers embarked on a round of pub golf; wearing golf attire and trying to avoid penalties set out for the evening we made our way round various pubs and bars. One or two players fell early on the course whilst others were determined to get as low a score as possible, even if that meant making shameless attempts to convince passers by in the street to come to a training session (worth -2 strokes so why not?). Needless to say as the evening wore on it became clear who were the most hardened drinkers (sorry, most competitive players) in the club with potentially more units of alcohol consumed than at any other social over the last twelve months.

This was ultimately a game that someone had to win and on the basis of scorecards alone, that is the only one legible enough to make sense of by the end of the course and with a name on it, Gary triumphed. Following very closely were Trick, Nicki, as well as Antony and Jonathon making guest appearances from City.

A good night that seemed to be enjoyed by all. The most social club in Cambridge maintains its reputation!
Thanks to Simon A for organising and writing the report!!