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Rounders: City vs. Phoenix

posted 25 Sep 2011, 10:35 by natalie.cook@cancer.org.uk
The game got off to a good start with our resident rounders expert (Lucy) ensuring that the rules were laid out fair and square and everyone knew what they were doing. The pitch was marked, the professional looking posts set up (thanks Lucy!!) and Phoenix were off to field. A dream combination of Coz as backstop and Kris on first base meant that City had a number of early casualties to the fast fire first base throw to stump out and the lethal Coz'a catch. Unfortunately as we had more players the players were back in almost immediately to 'keep it fair!' A long spell of City bashes led to a plethora of rounders from Elly, Antony, Greg, Stuart, Simon and Gavin. Despite our best attempts to field (think comedy of errors) the rounders kept raining in. Another late burst of superb passes from Lucy (bowler)and Coz (still backstop) to Kris at 1st base and Phil at fourth knocked a number of players out the running and some sterling catches were made to finally dismiss City with a first innings of around 12 rounders. Whoops!
Not a problem though, decided the Phoenix players, as the gorillas wildly joined the team. City set out to field in what looked like a preorganised manner and promptly showed us what we were supposed to have been doing by knocking out Phoenix players left, right and centre.Sadly we also soon discovered why gorillas are endangered, as City showed no mercy merrily catching and stumping them out before they got to show off their true gorilla glory. Gavin in particular needed a hefty thwack for the immense number of stupidly long catches that he commandered. Phoenix left the first innings with a hearty 2 rounders but were undetterred and a few beers, pimms and wines later were all ready to begin the second round of fielding.
This went somewhat better, a few changes of positions led to some awesome catches notably by Si Hall, Rhi and Trick and City weren't making as many runs. The antics of the gorillas may well have been another contributing factor but we held them to 8. Some fab post work from Hannah and Ali also held them to account. Joep and Abi as newcomers to rounders also did us proud.
Phoenix were back in bat. After a slow start with a number of casualties - the Trick, Phil and Si wonder balls began flying to bring our score up to a whopping 12 for our second innings. Whoop go Phoenix!
Having blatantly won the second innings we were happy to call the game a draw, however City insisted on sticking to the real rules meaning they won and lifted the dodgy little teapot man in celebration. Timing the match to perfection we decamped to the pub as the first raindrops began to fall.
Thanks to everyone who played and made this summer social such good fun (especially after 3 hours of intense and awesome trials) - and to paraphrase the words of the claw - we'll get you next time, city!