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Royal Wedding themed BBQ and games night

posted 8 May 2011, 11:58 by natalie.cook@cancer.org.uk

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past month, you will know that on Friday 29 April there was a monumental occasion of great historical significance. Otherwise known as the inaugural (I think...) phoenix games night and BBQ at chez Cozza!!! Despite initial pre-event nerves and anticipation, (will there or won’t there be rain? who will be designing Coz’s dress? Will I be able to find a copy of articulate?) fifteen or so of the phoenix congregation descended on Coz’s house for an afternoon of beer, bunting, BBQ and bewilderment. Slap on the wrist to me for not providing 2 out of the 3 promised items of games, cocktails and prizes. At least I remembered the games. Well, some of them.

In the afternoon the guests dined on burgers and sipped on pimms, choosing to arrive by bicycle rather than horse drawn carriage. After copious amounts of food and drink had been consumed it was time to bring on the main event. And so onto the games...
We kicked of with a few rounds of twister for a nice warm up. Whilst I remember there being very enthusiastic participation from a number of parties (particularly the boys) I can’t remember who won. Then we played Pictionary, and the girls soundly beat the boys, despite complaints that it was much more difficult to draw a mosaic than a stick man. Memorable moments include Carla’s depiction of a German bomb plane which would have been more at home in the “late night” Pictionary version and Lucy’s drawing of a lorry that Rolf Harris would have been proud of.
Then it was time for a game of mafia, with the villagers of “phoenix land” reigning triumphant and lynching the murderous mafia of Lucy, Simon A and Trick. Congratulations to Trick and Simon A for continuing their trail of murderous destruction for so long undetected after Lucy was identified in the first round. Next up was Antony’s game with no name which was a fun filled concoction of who am I, charades and articulate. I can’t remember much of this game other than I laughed a lot, and that there were some uncanny impersonations of phoenix personnel. And that the man from Del Monte doesn’t make yoghurts.

As the darkness drew in the games continued, with one of Patrick’s games which Lucy won, then onto another few rounds of mafia, then some taboo and articulate. I think by this point I was barely able to articulate my own name let alone what was on the card in front of me so apologies that my recollection of this part of the evening is somewhat hazy.

In summary....We learned that lighting barbeques is surprisingly difficult, we learned that Lucy can draw a good lorry, we learned that it is possible to describe most of our teammates with only one word, and we learned to look out for Trick on dark murderous Monday nights....

Thanks to everyone who came, particularly to those who brought games and food and especially to Coz for being such a fantastic host!

Han xxx