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Stingers Tournament 2009

Hi Greenies, here's my report from Stingers Tournament 2009.

We had quite a bit of sun, but also a lot of wind and a few drops of rain.
The BBQ was ok apparently, I had home-made sandwiches and a Cornetto so I wouldn't know.
We had a pretty good time and tried hard. There were lots of beers and a curry afterwards which was awesome :-)

For anyone interested in results, I can't remember the exact scores, but here are the outcomes...

vs UEA 2 - WIN
vs Luton Hatters - WIN
vs Highbury 1 - Loss
vs Stingers - WIN
Lunch break
vs Lions - Loss
vs Norwich City 1 - Loss
vs ICE 2 - WIN

We came fourth in the group, so we went into the playoff for 7th or 8th place against Dragons.
The battle of the fire creatures was very well matched, finishing 3-3 I think.
The referee didn't know if we were meant to play penalties, so both sides accepted joint 7th place!
I think the game should have been decided on tastefulness of kit, we would have walked it.
A good day out for the green machine...