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Wine tasting (or Phoenix get sozzled)

posted 31 May 2012, 10:34 by Carla Keen
On 27 April a myth of Phoenixers made a pretence at sophistication and gathered for an evening of wine tasting at Cambridge Wine Merchants on Mill Road.

As most of us couldn't tell our Cabernet from our Chianti we were taking it right back to basics. Although some of the group was rather experienced wine drinkers, they just weren't really too sure what they were tasting. We started the evening with a bottle of fizz and our journey into the grapey abyss began.

First step was to look at the wine in the glass, a novel concept for some, and to assess the wine's legs. We learnt how to appreciate a wine's bouquet (stick your nose in and huff) and how to comment accordingly (say whatever comes in to your head). Next we were taking slurps of the vino and again saying whatever came into our head. Whilst at first we were quite poetic and colourful in our descriptions as the evening wore on we became a bit less critical.

I think we all found it a very education and entertaining evening and some of us may even remember some of what we learnt...