About Korfball

What is Korfball?

Korfball is an exciting, all-action sport similar to basketball or netball. It's an excellent leisure activity for improving general fitness. Korfball is played indoors over the winter and we compete in outdoor tournaments over the summer.

Why is it different?

Korfball teams must consist of 4 men and 4 women. The rules are constructed so that men and women, short people and tall people can all compete on an equal footing.
Do I need to be super fit?
No. Phoenix has teams of all standards from the first team, which is one of the best Cambridge korfball teams, to the fourth team, which caters for new players. Phoenix is a club which enjoys socialising as much as competing!

When can I try it?

Phoenix train at the Cambridge Regional College Sports Hall on Kings Hedges Road (north Cambridge) from 8.15pm every Monday (except bank holidays). If you want to let us know you are coming or for further information please e-mail us at webman@cambridgephoenixkorfball.co.uk.

Need to know more? Checkout out the simplified rules of korfball here.