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We have a couple of other social media pages:
The coaching log of topics and sessions:
Rules and Playing Tips
  • Simplified Rules
  • Playing Tips
  • Complete Rules of Korfball. As per CKA league rules, we play using the latest IKF rules (see the 'Playing Rules' section).
  • Youtube have a number of Korfball videos including top level international and club matches. Search for korfball. Here is a Belgium vs Netherlands match.

Cambrideshire Korfball Association
This is the governing body for Korfball in Cambridge. It also runs the local league. Results for the Cambridge League and other competitions are also available on Fixtures Live.

Other clubs in the CKA are:
English Korfball Association
The EKA is the governing body for Korfball in England.

The International Korfball Federation (IKF)
The IKF is the world governing body for Korfball.

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