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Eten Leur 2008

Adrian: Smug or what. You'd think at my age, I have had enough of collecting trophies, but no not a bit of it. Whilst Adam and Tom were still on court practising penalties, I positioned myself near the awards ceremony waiting to be ordered by Rhian to go forward to pick up our 2nd place prize. Note that I am grinning and also trying to cover up the colour of the trophy. With my cap and rather fetching sandals, English man or Irish man abroad comes to mind. Note also that everyone has stopped applauding.

Now you might think we are missing our star boy, James but look again. We all thought he was still in the shower after dissappearing for an hour but no he sneaked back and if you look over Dave's right shoulder, there he is. Looking slightly older, with facial hair and taking up smoking, but this was the full team shot of the 9 person squad that did Etten Leur 2007.

Now this is definitely not James trying to sneak into a Rotterdam Police Station. In fact what is signifies mystified the 5 of us that went to Rotterdam rather than play day 2 in Etten Leur. My only explanation is that we are actually trying to retreive the ball from one of Howards high shots.

Tom's reaction to not being able to play for Phoenix.