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Phoenix SunRay March 1997

The Phoenix SunRay

Snakes alive, it’s issue Number 5 20th March 1997

Match Results

Phoenix 1

Phoenix 2: Monday 16th December ‘96

A storming win of 16-1 to Phoenix 1, with goals from Dave (5), Scott(4), Richard (4), Mel, Rachel and Rade with 1 each. A shame it wasn’t against City 1 or any other non-Phoenix team! Still, well done to the first team for upping their position in the league. As a consolation to the second team, we let them win the boatrace at the Christmas bash - see issue 4.

Tigers 1: Thursday 30th January

Hurrah - a win of 7 to 3 for Phoenix with goals from Julia (2) and a goal from Em, Mel, Dave, Scott and Simon. An important match to win to restore our pride, having been beaten by this team back in October. It also set us off with a good start early in the season. "Some good moves resulted in some excellent goals" said Cap’n Julia.

Uni 1: Thursday 6th February

From 1-1 evenstevens at half time, it looked as if we were poised to make a momentous victory but alas, t’was not to be. The final score was 13-6 to them but a definite improvement on our October confrontation of 10-2. "In the end, we were beaten by some very nifty, slick set moves that Uni 1 have been secretly practising in preparation for their varsity match". Thanks to 2 goals each from Julia and Richard, and 1 each form Scott and Dave.


Phoenix 2

No report cards back in yet. Hassle your captain for reports to the Editor.

Phoenix 3

Uni 4: Sunday 2nd February

A win for Phoenix of 3 to 2. Well done that team. However from the Captain’s report it was, by all accounts, "a frustrating match with lots of opportunities but the balls just didn’t go in". Jason scored 2 penalties whilst Rade got a crafty long shot. Just how crafty was that…?

Kites 2: Sunday 9th February

A final score of 4-3 to the opposition but a well played match by Phoenix nevertheless. Good possession with plenty of shooting opportunities.

Well played Ph3.


National Indoor Cup Tourney Results

This was reported on in Issue 4 but that was my version of the match, let’s hear the truthful, emotional version straight from the Captain’s Report Card: "All I want to say is that, despite the result, we played some of our best korfball ever - and certainly some of the fastest, most exhausting ever! We were outplayed by a more experienced team but it was a good, hard-fought match"


Welcome Hughie

Dave is taking paternity leave and managed to persuade Hughie to coach us on training nights. Thanks Hughie. Welcome, welcome, welcome. See, being a Brownie taught me something at least.


Kate and Dave are the proud parents of little Glyn Dewi Sheldon, weighing in at 5lb 10oz, (so Paul won the sweepstake).

Thanks to everyone for the great pressies and bad-taste baby congrats card. For young Glyn, the club presented a baby gym - soon have him up before the Ref for barging on the korfball court. And for mum and dad, a book on babies - keeps them out of trouble whilst Gyn is investigating the contents of his nappy.

Happy parenting and heaps and heaps of best wishes from all at CPKC.



Injuries and Refereeing

We have eight people injured, that’s a whole team for those that can count. No need to stay home - why not come along and try some referee training? Especially those of you who have mentioned to me that they would like to try. Such as someone whose name begins with J and ends in ane . . .


Tournaments Coming Up

Dates for your summer diary:

Sunday 1st June - Cambridge Tournament with

party the night before of course

Sunday 22nd June - Borough Green, Sittingborne, Kent

Weekend 12/13 July - Cascade Leisure Centre, Kent

Weekend 12/13 July - Nomads, Cheam, Surrey - - with teams from around the world and a party


End of Season Dinner

Will be mid to the end of May. Exact date, time an location to be confirmed … watch this space!


A matter of money


What do Andy, Dave, Julia, Lesley, Mark, Mel, Rachel, Richard and Simon have in common?


They are all fully paid up members with no match or training fees outstanding and they have paid their annual subs.


What does everyone else in the club have in common?


They will all bring large sums of dosh and/or their cheque books to the next training session.

Please settle your debts with Treasurer Richard at the next session please - ta muchly.


Special Offer

Club t-shirts and sweatshirts available at less than cost. Hurrah. Get yours now while stocks last.