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The Phoenix SunRay September 1997

Phoenix Korfball Club - Annual General Meeting

September 1997


Treasurers Report (Richard Peck)

Treasurers report in summary:


Profit/Loss - 1/9/96 - 31/8/97






Net Profit


State of Accounts as at 1/9/97


Accounts Total


Owed to PKC


Owed by PKC



Although the club made a profit over the last year we still have to pay the BKA fees (£170). As far as practices go we needed 14 people to break even (15 in 97/98) which we only achieved on 12 occasions out of 43.

There are still three people who have not paid the subs for this year. Please could they do so as soon as possible. Each player is required to pay an additional £1 for the first league match. This is required by the BKA to cover player registration.

Throughout the year the treasurer has produced monthly reports on the state of the clubs finances and the club would like to thank Richard for the contribution he has made.

Club Chairperson's Report (Melanie Pankhurst)

See attached page

First Team Captains Report (Julia Bennett)

We played some very good Korfball at times but didn't get all the results we wanted. We drew 1, won 3 and lost 9. Hopefully next year with a constant squad we will do better

Second Team Captains Report (Andy Stevens)

The highlight of the year was our victory against the first team. We started off slowly but after a while the team began to gel. Unfortunately we lost our captain to injury and ended up at the bottom of the league.

Third Team Captains Report (Kate Sheldon)

Came 4th in the league which is good considering we had a lot of new players. We played much better in the second half of the season

Election of Officers (Everyone)

The following where elected, cajoled, press-ganged onto the committee:


Post abolished


Mark Wassell


Richard Peck

First Team Captain


Second Team Captain


Third Team Captain

Lesley /Dave Bowen


Dave Sheldon



There was a general discussion on how the club to do more with less full time officers on the committee. The conclusion was that this could be achieved through timely communication and delegation. It was recognised that email is an ideal tool for rapid communication, however there are some people who are not connected and it is important that these people are kept informed through a regular newsletter. Forthcoming events such as social events and tournaments would be noted in the newsletter and an organiser assigned to a particular event. It is hoped that everyone in the club will do their bit and organise at least one social event or co-ordinate the teams for at least one tournament.

Recruitment (Melanie Pankhurst)

Press releases, posters and radio announcements should help to round up some people for the beginners session next Monday.

Phoenix Juniors (Dave Sheldon)

The junior section has been running for 4/5 weeks at St Luke's School. There isn't a regular group that turns up though the kids that do turn up seem keen. Hopefully we'll get a good turnout for the tournament on Sunday. The hall is costing us £7 a night and so far we haven't been strict on collecting. We shall definitely keep it going until the end of October and start up a lunch time session at the school. In the future we hope to start one up at Chesterton Community college.

Mini Tournament (Mark Wassell)

PKC again is hold its start of season mini tournament. This year its at Netherhall Upper school, Sunday 22nd September.

Counties Tournament (Mark Wassell)

There is a strong chance that Cambridge will be hosting the BKA counties tournament in 1998. This is probably the most prestigious tournament in the country and will benefit the profile of Korfball in Cambridge, and possible gain us a tidy sum. It is hoped that each club will contribute

Player Registration

The British Korfball Association require us to register each player playing in the league (first and second division). Most people have already been given a form but still have not handed it in. Please could this be done as soon as possible.

News from the CKA

On Monday 15th September the CKA held its AGM at Churchill College. Phoenix once again has four people on CKA positions (this does have it is downside in that these people find it hard to fulfil club commitments). The CKA committee for 97/98 is as follows



Dave Sheldon


Philippa Reece


David Bate

Division 1 Officer

Rob Nudds

Division 2 Officer

Paul Bullough

Development Officer

Mark Wassell

Junior Development Officer

Scott Christie


There are three posts unfilled: Refereeing Officer, Coaching Officer and Publicity Officer.



Cambridge Phonix Korfball Club

Chairperson's report for 1996/97 Season


Club Performance

Over the year the match performance of all teams was good but a bit disappointing from the first team, with a loss of some good players from the previous year. The second team did well to keep their first division place and the third team had some excellent matches which gave valuable experience to the novice players.



Training nights remain on Mondays, 9pm - 10.30pm. The club has had a small amount of disruption as far as training has gone. Dave Sheldon has been coaching the club for most of the year, and was relieved by Hughie Barker whilst Dave took paternity leave towards the end of the season. Dave has been back for the summer, with assistance from Scott and Remco, but due to other committments he is unable to continue to coach on a regular weekly basis. The coaching situation needs to be resolved before the start of the new season.


Phoenix had three teams in the league last year, and had just enough players to fill the teams. This year we have entered another three teams but we do need to recruit more players of both sexes to ensure we always have enough players for every match. This is nothing new since Phoenix always needs to recruit just prior to the start of the new season, and is holding a Beginners' Session later in September to which newbies are invited.

Phoenix started the season with some 32 members in October 96, having recruited a number over the summer. By the end of the season, some 8 members left due to a change of location or change of heart, then we had several players off with injuries at various times throughout the year and 4 are still not fit enough to return. However, we have also gained some new players during the season.

However, the situation at the current time is that we now have 22 regular players (equal numbers of men and women) with a handful of others who are able to play on a more irregular basis. We obviously need to recruit some new members ready for the new season.


The finances of the club is in a similar position to this time last year - a few hundred pounds in the black. Again, over the summer vacation, attendances are down due to holidays and this causes a drain on the club funds.


On the plus side, the social side to the club has greatly improved, with a greater gelling of personalities and more social events being planned and attended than in previous years. This is all having a marked improvement on the atmosphere of the training nights and tournaments.

Looking to the future

For the coming year, all teams, especially the first team, needs to work better together in order to improve its performance to gain a higher position in the league.


Melanie Pankhurst, PKC Chairperson, 1997